New Texas-Texas Salsa Packaging

Texas-Texas labels before and after packaging update

We’re tremendously excited to announce the debut of new packaging for our Texas-Texas brand of premium, all-natural salsas. In addition to reviewing some of the changes we’ve made to our packaging, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a very sincere “Thank You.” We wouldn’t be here without all our customers and retail partners that have supported our family business over the years and continue to support us today.

Our last major update or redesign was in 2009, and we saw the need to further differentiate our Texas-Texas salsas from our growing competition and position ourselves for continued growth. We sought an unconventional design that conveys premium quality but remains approachable, with the goal of creating a local, gourmet experience for food enthusiasts that’s fitting for any occasion. That process also led to an overhaul of our brand messaging and identity.

We knew this would be our company’s most substantial investment in packaging, to-date, and we felt a strong sense of obligation to utilize the abundant creative talent and other resources in our own backyard, here in the Austin area. We worked with a local designer with extensive packaging experience to conduct an exhaustive analysis of colors, graphics, readability, fonts, shape and theme. And when we were finally sure we’d found the right design, we turned to International Print & Packaging to help define the material and label finishes.

To enhance the authenticity of our products, we made a conscious effort to inject more imagery representative of Texas and our company heritage. The hand-drawn cowboy hat and rope illustrations are quintessentially Texan and celebrate our product’s role in traditional Texas cuisine, while reinforcing family values such as hard work and self-reliance. And the pickup truck is a nod to my father, Eddie, who hand-delivered the very first jars of our salsa in the back of his pickup in 1997.

• Updated logo with western font, “Award Winning” verbiage and star colored to match heat stamp
• Added iconic cowboy hat and rope on the post to enhance Texas personality
• Placed variety banner next to the salsa’s heat stamp and placed descriptors below variety names to clearly differentiate varieties and denote features
• Enhanced readability with an overall cleaner design
• Enhanced homemade feel with unique heat stamps, hand-drawn illustrations and irregular edges
• Used spot UV finish on logo, heat stamp and variety banner to enhance “pop” on shelves

More and more of our new jars will find their way onto store shelves in the coming weeks, as our roll-out continues… and we hope they’ll increasingly find their way into your home and your time with family and friends.


Brian Sanderson
President, Sanderson Specialty Foods